Reflection of 2019 (30 Dec, 2019)

Reflection of 2019 (30 Dec, 2019)

So here it is just one day left to 2019.  Are you ready to begin 2020, the second decade of the 21st century?  Who thought it would come this quick?  I for sure didn’t.  I always see the end of the year as a time to take a moment and reflect on the year that’s past.  As I get older, I find this to be an important thing to do, a bit therapeutic if you will.  Below are things that I would like to work on throughout 2020.  The main theme for me is to ‘Let that shit go’.


Don’t take things so seriously – I tend to get so caught up with what people say or how they say it to me; is there an underlining meaning?? There is so much wasted energy in doing this.  You end up spending half the day wondering why they said what they did, and then how you should have responded.  It’s a bit silly really when you could have used that time on something a bit more productive or enjoyable.

Be more present – We are all guilty of spending so much time on our phones that we aren’t living/enjoying the moment you are currently in. When you have kids, you realise this. My husband and I always made it a priority that we all (kids included) had dinner together. I say had, as now that our boys are teens there are evenings when they have sport or work, so we aim to have dinner as a family at least twice a week.  Our Sunday roasts are always important, especially if my husband is cooking.

Stop caring about what other people think – This is probably tied to my first point of not taking things so seriously. I am in my 50’s now, why should I care what other people think of me?  We are all on this earth just trying to get by and live the best life we possibly can.

Being a bit more patient – With our fast paced lives, everything you do needs to be done in that moment. If you can’t get something completed when planned, there’s always tomorrow.

Of course there are other things that I would like to improve on, going to the gym a bit more, eating a bit more healthier, being a bit more organized, blah, blah, blah….

What are you hoping to improve on in 2020?





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