Hair has an ‘S’ shape pattern

Hair lays close to head, doesn’t really bounce

  • 2A – Hair is easy to handle, very fine and thin, has a loose but gentle bend.  Can easily be straightened or curled.  The best products for this hair type are mousses, gels and lotions that enhance curls but won’t weigh them down.
  • 2B – Medium textured, has a tendency to frizz.  More straight at the roots before turning into more defined waves.  A bit more wavy than type 2A and is a little resilient to styling.  Best products for this hair type are lighter gels and mousses that enhance curls, but won’t weigh hair down.
  • 2C – Waves start at the roots and mix in with the ringlets.  A more thick and coarse, hair is a bit more resistant to styling and frizzes easily.  Best styling products are gels to assist in styling and frizz control.

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