Curls are more defined, with a definite loopy ‘S’ pattern.

Although, there’s a lot of it, hair is quite soft and fine.

Easily styled and can be blow-dried straight.

  • 3A – Curls are big and loose.  Best products for this hair type are gels and creams which offer light moisture and curl definition.
  • 3B – Curls have a lot of body and spring.  Gels and creams with extra moisture and frizz control, work best on this type of hair.
  • 3C – Tight cork screw type curls, can be a bit more on the kinkier side, will spring back up when pulled.  These very tight curls are usually fine in texture.  This hair type needs extra moisture and attention as it can be quite fragile.  Styling creams, butters and oils work best on this type of hair.

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