About Us

Welcome to 4MyCurls, a web-site offering the best curly hair products for those of us fortunate enough to have naturally curly hair!!  We aim to cater to every type, be it wavy, curly or coily.  Carrying brands that are hard to find here in Australia, you are sure to find something to keep those luscious locks looking and feeling fabulous!!


As an ex-pat living in Australia, I noticed a lack of hair care products for the curly-haired market.  It would drive me crazy going from one hair supply store to the next, ending up empty handed or just making ‘do’ with what was available.  I kept asking myself…am I the only one going through this frustration?!  Surely not!   Well suffer no more my fellow curly tops 4MyCurls is here to save the day…as well as those gorgeous curls!!

Thanks for looking and happy shopping.

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