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The Bounce Curl Tradition of Excellence
At Bounce Curl, we are committed to creating products that do not use harsh chemicals. We carefully select natural ingredients that can style, moisturize and hold your beautiful curls. There are certain ingredients that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requires us to include in our products; preservatives are a good example of this because they work to keep the product stable and safe from growing any bacteria. FDA has strict rules and, as a responsible company, we follow the rules!

At Bounce Curl, we believe that Beauty is Shared. We realize that every individual is different and educate our customers on hair, skin & body care. We are HUGE FANS of mixology. You will want to check out our blog section where we share advice, news and product reviews. We are also committed to Serving with a Genuine and Pure Heart, exemplified by our Custom Wig Donation Program. Every month we create and donate a full custom wig with real human hair to an individual who has lost their hair to chemotherapy or any other medical condition. As a company with the heart and intention to serve, we are pleased to be able to help those going through difficult times; everyone should feel beautiful!

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